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Hickok Waekon Company Profile

Providing our customers with quality built products for over 100 years.

Hickok Waekon has been in the business of developing and manufacturing tools for service technicians for over 100 years. Since 1984 the Company has been a leader in diagnostic tools for automotive and mid-size truck technicians. We develop, manufacture and market electronic and non-electronic diagnostic tool products in the USA. This includes products designed for automotive aftermarket servicer providers, tools designed specifically to OEM requirements, and products developed for the emissions testing industry. Additionally, the company develops and manufactures indicating instruments for aircraft, locomotive, and general industrial applications.

As new technologies emerge, the company actively researches and develops tools to aid technicians in the diagnosis and service of the components and systems these technologies drive. Hickok Waekon is fully committed to providing innovative, quality American designed and manufactured diagnostic equipment for years to come.

Automotive Diagnostics

Our goal is to develop tools for service providers and technicians in the automotive and truck industries; providing them with the fastest possible return on investment based on time savings, increased accuracy and accurate parts replacement for the owner.

Our products measure a broad range of parameters on the vehicle and provide the technician insights about the system operations to help them make a speedy and accurate diagnosis of the problem. They are designed to easily connect to the system or component that needs testing. Offering state of the art capability at economic prices to enhance vehicle service profitability is what we do.

Fuel Injection Diagnostic Technology

Although we make tools for nearly every system on a vehicle we have become a world leader in the field of fuel injection diagnostic technology. This technology has made fuel injection testing convenient and one of the first choices to test when scan tools don’t provide definitive direction.

Growing use of direct gasoline injection and diesel engines along with the reliability of coil on plug ignition has made testing of fuel injection a must-have for every shop doing sophisticated diagnostics to separate electronic from base engine causes.

Hickok Waekon has developed the primary fuel injection diagnostic tool on gasoline and diesel engines for several automotive OEMs, including General Motors and Navistar International.

Automotive Emissions Testing

In 2000, Hickok Waekon took their automotive expertise and developed a reputation for providing quality emission testing products beginning with our patented Fuel Cap Tester which is used in numerous state programs by emissions testing equipment suppliers. This includes working with the State of California to develop a patented product for testing leaks in vehicle evaporative emissions systems and developing and marketing a complete emissions testing platform for a program in the State of Pennsylvania.

Indicators and Gauges

Hickok Waekon continues to provide quality indicators and gauges for the aircraft and locomotive industry. Within the aircraft market, instruments are sold primarily to manufacturers or servicers of business, military, and pleasure aircraft. Within the locomotive market, indicators are sold to both original equipment manufacturers and to operators of railroad equipment.

Our offerings include a grouping of products, DIGILOG Instruments, that were originally FAA certified in 2002. Subsequently, several additional models have also been certified. The DIGILOG instrument is a customizable indicator that is a combination analog/digital indicator for the aircraft market. It can be adapted to display a wide variety of aircraft parameters.