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75000/75300 Auto Wave & Secondary Pickup (SIP) Special Bundle $524.00

Automotive Voltage / Signal Waveform Viewer and Secondary Ignition System Signal Viewing Accessory

75000 Auto Wave Automotive Voltage / Signal Waveform Viewer

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Scope Out Voltage Without the Scope!

Use Auto Wave to quickly and easily verify that signals and voltages are present in waveform format using a voltage/time scale without the need for a scope and with more detail than a DVOM.View signals on ignition primary, fuel injectors, MAF, O2, TPS, crank and cam, PWM components and much more.

When used with the Secondary Ignition Pickup (SIP) you can also view detailed secondary ignition waveforms on spark plus wires and COP ignition systems. Think of it as your window into the combustion chamber.

Auto Wave Features & Benefits

  • Auto Set Feature — Automatically sets time and voltage scale adjustment for the viewed signal or voltage.
  • Zoom and Pan — Adjust the view of the signal for a more detailed wave form.
  • 4 GB Micro SD Card — Save waveform snapshots for later review on the tool or a PC.
  • Accurate Readings — Sample rate up to one million samples / second.
  • Color LCD Display — Easy viewing of the waveform time and voltage scale.

SIP Features & Benefits

  • The high impedance active pickup acquires high voltage waveforms
  • Works on Secondary Ignition wire and COP Ignition systems
  • Long flexible probe provides easy access for hard to reach ignition systems

Special Bundle Contents

  • Auto Wave Main Unit
  • SIP Main Unit
  • COP Pickup Paddle Adapter
  • Secondary Ignition Wire Adapter
  • 4" Signal Probe
  • 4GB SD Card and PC Adapter
  • 3' Signal Extender Cable
  • 5' Ground Cable
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • (2) Storage Cases


Please refer to the User Guide for a full list of specifications

  • Voltage Ranges: 150V, 100V, 50V, 20V, 10V, 5V, 2V, 1V
  • Sample Rate: 1 Ms/Sec @ 100uS/Division
  • Voltage Input Range: +/-150V (approx. 170V P/P viewable on LCD
  • Volt Meter : +/-150V DC
  • Accuracy: +/-2% FS (per range)
  • Storage: up to 9999 waves on SD card

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